Is Albert Einstein a racist? Look at his Travel Diaries.

“Racism is a disease of white people” Albert Einstein said during a commencement speech at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania in 1946. As a Jewish who experienced anti-Semitism in Germany, Einstein had deep sympathy for black people in America. However, his travel diaries revealed his different side. In his Diaries, Albert Einstein chronicled his observations of people he saw and met. The average Japanese, Einstein wrote, is “unproblematic, impersonal, he cheerfully fulfills the social function which befalls him without pretension, but proud of his community and nation”. His writing about the Chinese were more callous, even insulting – “filthy” and “obtuse.” They’re a “peculiar herd-like nation. Rosenkranz, an editor of “The Travel Diaries of Albert Einstein,” said that contradictions make Einstein all the more human. “The Travel” was published recently by Princeton University Press.


Comments and Opinions

“Moral: Don’t keep a diary. Or if you do, have someone burn it when you die. Best not to give posterity more ammunition against you than absolutely necessary.”

“These sound more like 1920s thoughts than xenophobic, misogynistic thoughts.”

“Let me ask: what was so terribly racist about those observations? Is it racist to say that chinese are amongst the worst drivers in the world? I don’t think so and I know plenty of chinese people who would agree, yet a lot of people would disagree with me. I think today’s standards of what is racist are way off. We’re in a millenial time where everything you say but praise is either rude, racist or harassment. I am pretty certain that his observations about the chinese as of 1922 were most likely accurate. Chinese are a “peculiar herd-like culture” to an outsider and yes, they’re industrious. I disagree with the “no sense for math” though as that is simply wrong. If you travel the mediterranean you will see plenty of filth – just as you do pretty much everywhere if you dare to look – which makes any such statement true wherever you travel.
All of what I read above would not really register as particularly racist on my scale.?”

“Einstein wrote those private racist thoughts in the ’20s. He was very vocal about racial disparity in the ’40s (and probably the ’30s). He was a man of instrospection and critical thinking. Do you not think it possible that his views could have changed in the 20-30 years? He was also quite the ladies’ man. Are you going to put him into the MeToo movement?”

“What we are taught and told to do is examine our thinking for bias and prejudice, and learn to think another way. Above all, we keep those thoughts to ourselves so they don’t cause pain or harm to others. But these private thoughts, which there is no evidence of Einstein’s acting on or verbalizing, are being taken to label him as a racist and a misogynist, in spite of his actions to the contrary.”

“While all men are created with equal innate capabilities, with limitations relating to varying intellectual and manual skills, and in a meritocracy, should be allowed to rise and fall to their natural level. Some cultures are better suited to enabling and encouraging such personal achievement and recognition. Realizing these cultural differences is not inherently racist, and does not assume that the differences are genetically heritable.”

“In early 1900s people were tribal, and judged people by their race, country and religion. Ans, people conformed to those stereotypes as well to a greater extent than today. So it was possible to see a bunch of people from a country/race and make some observations about them as a whole. While not ideal, it is not the worst thing that can happen, and I will argue we still do that today. Where it gets problematic is when we take these “group-level observations” and start applying to individuals in too. I don’t see Einstein having done that – so what’s this controversy about?”

“I have come to believe that almost everyone is racist to some extent.”

“I’m part Asian and was initially deeply disappointed when I saw this and other headlines; however, the there is 20+ years between the diary entries and his work in civil rights. In this time, he was a refugee who suffered first-hand the injustice, cruelties, and threats of racism, nationalism, and xenophobia. And while he was a scientific genius, it doesn’t mean he had the deepest and clearest insights on all issues. It sounds like some of his perspectives reflected those of his time. I’d like to think that life experience, maturity, and empathy enabled him to overcome his stereotyping, racism, and simplistic ideas, and that this allowed him to evolve into the Einstein that championed people who needed a prominent voice. This would be redemptive and inspiring.”

“So Einstein was a bit intolerant. Then he personally experienced intolerance, and he became a Civil Rights leader? That makes sense to me. Most people learn as they age, Einstein is a wonderful example of that.”

“Phillips, WaPost, ‘Albert Einstein decried racism in America. His diaries reveal a xenophobic, misogynistic side’ “I’m not apologizing for him or anything. … I still feel that the unpleasant remarks are quite shocking, but they do reveal that we all have this darker side to our attitudes and prejudices,” he said.”

“Einstein’s comments in these diaries sound suspiciously like quotes from his philosophical mentor in the 1880s, Immanuel Kant, who was known to maintain, and helped create a prevalent view of Europe’s Social Darwinism, in many of his writings. Einstein was well aware of both Kant and Darwin by the 1920s when the voyages took place. The precise quotes by Albert also were made in a context of Asian dock areas in sea ports. Anyone who has sailed around the world and visited harbor dock areas is going to have a certain view of the ‘locals’ inhabiting those docks and it is hardly xenophobic.”

“He observed and reported on what he saw. Oh the horror! Einstein’s time didn’t have our human nature science denialism.”

“I’m an American of Chinese descent and I don’t really have a problem with what Einstein wrote in his journals. He’s was a human being and we aren’t perfect. And the things that he thought and wrote down aren’t really that bad.I’m pretty sure that most of you guys who claim to be morally perfect and incapable of having a racist or sexist thought are well aware of stereotypes of other races or (heaven forbid) even have some of those thoughts cross your own mind. And if you deny ever having them, I’d claim that you’re probably lying. We seem to have become a “gotcha!” society where we’re always looking for something incriminating on someone to tear them down.”

“Knowing Einstein’s flaws neither excuses them nor diminishes his accomplishments. As Twain wrote “We all have thoughts that would shame the devil”. More important than what we think is what we do, and whether we learn and grow.”

“I believe virtually all human being harbors some ‘unpleasant’ opinions of other people.
Some manage to keep it to themselves, some have no problem expressing the though to others; while some simply do not even recognize their internal prejudices. Hence we have people like Trump who publicly announced that he’s the least racist person on Earth.”

“Let’s judge the men of yesterday by the standards of today. Then we can feel morally superior and enlightened.”

“Maybe people will read these types of articles a hundred years from now, and criticize our views about racism today. That we were too far the other way, and Einstein was right. Time, and history will judge all this exactly the same way you unfairly criticize people from an era long gone.”

Domestic and gang violence cases ‘no longer qualify’ for US asylum

The US attorney general has ruled out victims of domestic abuse and gang violence from asylum. According to the attorney general “Asylum was never meant to alleviate all problems, even all serious problems, that people face every day all over the world … The asylum statute does not provide redress for all misfortune,” Each year at least 10,000 people are granted asylum on the basis of domestic abuse and gang violence in their home countries. They should no longer generally qualify for asylum. It is unclear how many cases are affected by the ruling, but activists estimate that more than 80% of all current asylum seekers.


Comments and Opinions

“I find it remarkable that Sessions is legally able to overturn carefully considered judicial rulings within the immigration court system. Is this something that can be litigated before the US Court of Appeals? I find Mr. Sessions’ legal reasoning beyond nauseating. It reminds me of the cold-blooded “logical” assertions of Southern apologists defending the beating of slaves; “It’s really not the business of nosy Northerners or bleeding hearts to condemn and seek to succor the victims of violence and domestic slavery.” I find myself hoping that there is such a thing as reincarnation. May Mr. Sessions experience what he would so cold-bloodedly metes out to defenseless children, their hapless parents, and the many, many people who have fled to Reagan’s “Shining City on a Hill” seeking refuge. How low we have sunk.”

“Never in all of my 66 years did I ever believe that an attorney general of the United States of America could be so hateful, spiteful, mean, and just plain vile. Little man, little mind, no heart or compassion.”

“Liberals do bear a share of the responsibility for Trump. We have 12-20 million illegal immigrants living here. You want to provide them amnesty. On top of that, you change asylum laws to substantially increase the number of people eligible against the spirit of the original intent of asylum. Your leaders give more air time to illegal immigrants than the concerns of Americans. Any body who opposes your agenda is called a racist or hater. Is it any wonder that people saw in Trump someone who heard their concerns? I didn’t vote for him. I also didn’t sleep the night he won. I think if unchecked, he will ruin the country and our alliances with our allies. But I completely understand what his supporters see in him.”

“What “progress” is it for women to be able to use victimhood? What “progress” is it to reward women in other countries for leaving those countries, rather than standing up to the powers that be in those countries, and trying to change the culture of those countries? What would have happened had AMERICAN women not stood up for themselves? ”

“Changing any culture takes time – and that’s not something you can afford if you’re being beaten within an inch of your life by your husband.”

“There is a current laws protecting women from abuse in Central America. In Guatemala people (men and women) can get 5-12 years of prison for domestic violence crimes. This may be an issue with enforcement of the laws, or an isolated case, but worth mentioning for proper journalism.”

“While I don’t want women to suffer abuse at the hands of their spouses, this does not seem to constitute grounds for asylum. Even in a country as small as El Salvador, there are probably ways to avoid a spouse. If not, you still have to travel through Guatemala and Mexico to get to the US. Why not stop there? Or why not head south to peaceful Costa Rica? Sorry, but it is simply too easy to make bogus claims of abuse; if we allow every such claim we will become the world’s welfare program.”

“Domestic abuse is surely a very serious matter, and the victims should be protected and the perpetrators stopped and punished. But…how exactly is the American Attorney General liable for any of this process for an offense committed in Guatemala? And was there nowhere in the entire country of Guatemala that the woman could evade her abusive husband? This compelled her to emigrate to the U.S.? ”

“Under established law, asylum seekers are fleeing PERSECUTION by a government or a state. How does being beaten by your husband rise to that? Also, under established international law, asylum seekers seek it in the FIRST safe country they come to. So, a Guatemalan woman “fleeing” her husband should and could have sought asylum IN MEXICO.”

“Sesson is a sick SOB bible thumper. Like the majority of Republican males they detest females and will use the bible to justify their actions. Ted Kennedy was right when he stated Sessions was unfit for any public office.”

““For reasons understood only by himself, the Attorney General today erased an important legal development that was universally agreed to be correct,” the former judges wrote. That’s being terribly polite. There’s his attitude towards women, but also Sessions believes in MAWA–Make America White Again. The cost to our humanity does not matter to him.”

“These women know the kind of men they marry, in Guatemala and elsewhere, and yet they marry them anyway. US asylum law is under no obligation to rescue these women from taking responsibility for the consequences of their own actions and decisions. ”

“Federal law requires asylum applicants to demonstrate they would be persecuted in their home-country because of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. In the precedent-setting Cifuentes case, the Board of Immigration Appeals held that an applicant can qualify for asylum as a member of a particular social group of “married women in Guatemala who are unable to leave their relationship.”

“I am no fan of Attorney General Sessions, but he is correct in his decision to overturn the Board of Immigration Appeals in the Cifuentes case. To consider “married women in Guatemala who are unable to leave their relationship” members of a “social group” for purposes of asylum is pure sophistry. It stretches the definition of “social group” beyond reasonable limits. The United States must maintain a reasonable asylum policy and not give in to every illegal immigrant advocate who wants to consider for asylum every illegal immigrant whose life is unhappy in his or her home country. Male “machismo” and generalized violence are not reasons to grant asylum. The US needs to return to the true meaning of the asylum law. If everyone qualifies for asylum then the term has lost its meaning.”

“Sessions is a moral disgrace. He’s a mean-spirited redneck. I despise the sight of him. But I don’t disagree with him that domestic abuse is not a crime that warrants asylum. Could a battered woman in America apply for German or Canadian asylum? I don’t think so, because they wouldn’t receive it. When your government wants to kill you, they can get you wherever you are in the country. You need asylum. When your batterer wants to get you, you need police protection. You need a shelter. You need to unite with other women to get protection, and reform your society. There’s a world of reform needed in lots of countries, including our own. But it won’t happen if everyone just runs away.”

“Yes, she could apply for asylum in Europe. The EU includes domestic violence against women as a category for asylum.” — “They also require asylum seekers to apply in the FIRST safe country they come to. She’s “safe” in the U.S., but not in Mexico?”

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

“Nice poem. Not government policy though.”

“Sadly, that was written in a time, when our nation at least pretended to be decent. The inmates are running our ASYLUM now. My suggestion to asylum seekers- Trump and his ilk want to make America just like the places you’re running from. Find a better country, with better people, and save a place for the rest of us.”

“In 1903, when that poem was placed near the Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World, we had public charge laws requiring immigrants to be healthy and self-supporting. Around 1910, we started requiring visas to come here, and had an immigration time out in the 1920s. Funny how you guys never mention that as part of our immigration tradition.”

“Mr. Sessions’s hard line on immigrations borders on inhumane which is why I feel nothing for him when Trump emasculates him on a regular basis. What goes around comes around for those that think working for this administration will be a rewarding experience.”

“The world is a tough place bob. There are millions and millions in the same category. I voted for Hillary, but I think Sessions is a good AG. He is standing up to Trump on Russia and putting the interests of his countrymen first.”

“I don’t hate illegal immigrants or asylum seekers. They should be back in their own countries fighting for their own security and building their own prosperity. By fleeing here they are cowards. If the women of Kurdistan can fight ISIS, Latin women can fight MS-13. ”

“Want to preserve the concept of asylum? Recognize that a country’s generosity has its limits. Don’t expand asylum to ever increasing categories – to gang violence and domestic abuse – and then call your countrymen racists and haters when they legitimately worry about the swarm of uneducated and unvetted people showing up at their borders. This preserves asylum for the purpose it was intended – which was people fleeing systemic persecution by governments.”

“So Sessions gets to hurt immigrants, women, and people of color all at once with a single ruling. He must be happier than a pig in poop right now.”

“Kasinga is a classic case of the U.S. projecting its norms onto those of another country. Kasinga was fleeing circumstances that were the norm in her native country. So, by definition, she wasn’t singled out for so-called persecution. Nevertheless, the immigration authorities granted her asylum based upon a completely different value judgment. That sort of extra-judicial reasoning is what Sessions opposes. From my perspective, if the U.S. wants to engage in granting asylum based on value judgments. the Congress should pass the appropriate legislation. ”

“The bar for asylum is deliberately set high to discourage economic migrants and to encourage people and countries to take care of their own problems. By expanding asylum to include problems that affect half the world, you’ve basically made half the world eligible for asylum in the US. Charity has its limits; a country’s welcoming nature has its limits. That’s what you’re seeing now. Sessions is simply restoring the definition of asylum to its original intent so that it may be preserved and legitimate asylum seekers are still welcomed into the US.”

” the claim is that because the home country of this woman won’t protect her, due to a culture of machismo, she should be able to have asylum here. “Culture” means that even when most of the men of the country don’t beat their women, they don’t speak out or take action against those who do. And of course, it’s tough enough for American women to show they were abused without hospital and police records. Just how are Third World women going to show it? (And don’t kid yourself that they don’t/won’t lie. See the case of Adelaide Abankwah I mentioned above.)”

“So, apparrently you and others have not quite absorbed the wisdom purveyed by the few rational humnans offering comments. Let me summarize some basic points: — if the US took all the women in who got beat by their husbands IN THE WORLD, who would care for them, who would pay for their welfare, who would educate their fatherless children. Answer: the few taxpaying citizens who work for a living and are already responsibly paying for their OWN children. Your philosophy says, America and only America should care for the world. Why did this poor woman not simply go to any of the many countries in her region. OR: South America, Russian, France, Africa??? Can you imagine how many women that would be coming into the US from all the countries in the world?!”

“Sessions knows quite well that his unilateral sidestepping of years of judicial decisions will result in deaths, lots of them. Many of those will be women and children. He apparently doesn’t care. The fact that he can sleep at night makes me question whether or not he’s even a human being. Scratch that. A human opens the door when someone comes knocking and fears for their life, but not him. ”

“OK, so let’s say every year 15 women arrive at YOUR door asking YOU to take them in, pay their way, shield them from their beating husbands. Is there a limit? How many women per year will it take before YOU say, uh this is too big for me alone to handle?? Should the US adopt policy saying there is no limit? We will offer EVERYONE asylum regardless? We don’t expect OTHER countries to do their share??! Is it ALLLLLLLL up to the USA?”

“Spousal abuse happens in every country in the world, including the USA. However some nations have laws in place to deal with domestic abuse, and they’re enforced well enough to provide significant consequences to at least some abusers. Some nations likewise have the kind of economy where it’s legal and feasible to leave an abusive marriage and support yourself independently. The USA happens to have both of these attributes as part of its legal and economic infrastructure. Other nations do too: Holland, Brazil, and Australia come to mind. Spousal abuse turns into a refugee problem only when *both* those attributes are lacking in the victim’s native country. When an abuse victim has no legal recourse, no right to leave the marriage, or no way to apply any form of legal pressure to make an abuser stop, the legal infrastructure is lacking. When the law prevents an abuse victim from having a driver’s license, traveling without the permission of her abuser, or holding down a job and maintaining an independent household, then even if she can escape the home there’s nowhere for her to go in her own country. The same goes for if there aren’t any jobs that pay well enough for a person of her skill set to live independently if she moves to another city or region within her own country and changes her name and phone number to escape. Proving that the nation you’re from has no support infrastructure to allow you to escape abuse and continue living within your own nation is not going to be trivial but it should be possible if those conditions actually exist.”

“Thank you for explaining the criteria for an individual victim of spousal abuse to seek asylum in the USA. Some of these posters don’t understand the economy nor the cultures in third world countries. These women don’t have resources to fight the abuse.”

“Both parties practiced open borders for so long that tolerance for illegal immigration has gone to zero. In a world where the elites still want open borders, the option to restrict asylum makes sense. If people really want asylum to be available, then we must first crack down on illegal immigration. Until then, we have too many illegal immigrants and do not need any more. I’m glad the Attorney General isn’t letting asylum be exploited for personal problems. If DV is the issue, move somewhere else. If there is nowhere else to move in that country, why on earth would we want to import more people from such a lawless place? The US can’t take everyone. ”

“In Sessions world The Handmaid Tale would be his perfect rule of law. We all knew Sessions was a despicable man from a long time ago. The only difference now is that he has been put in a role and has the power to unilaterally change the legal system into his own warped image without questions or challenges. The entire Trump administration wants to bring us back to the dark ages. Not sure what more the people need to see or can take in order to kick them all out of office. The GOP has turned into an abomination.”

“Sessions is correct. The alien’s country is responsible for the protection of its citizens, not, the U.S. The “women’s rights” activists should be encouraging these women from Guatemela, Honduras and El Salvador to stand up for their rights and call out their leaders for turning their backs on its citizens. Where are the first ladies of those countries? Who are they and why don’t they speak up? Why is the United States always pictured as the enemy? WE have strict laws and punishment for abusers, why don’t their governments? ”

Youth crime has declined significantly due to young people spending more time at home on the Internet and less time ‘hanging out’ on the street.

The Australian National University (ANU) research found that youth crime in New South Wales has declined significantly in last two decades in part due to young people spending more time at home on the Internet and less time ‘hanging out’ on the street. The results showed that by age 21, the proportion of the population that had come into contact with the criminal justice system had halved, with particularly significant decreases in vehicle theft (-59 per cent), property theft (-59 per cent) and drink-driving (-49 per cent). The research looked at NSW police data of crime rates for people aged 10-21 who were born in 1984, compared to those born in 1994.


Comments and Opinions

“Just my own idle speculation but social media and instant entertainment access does seem to have the effect of saving our bodies while costing us our souls. Teen pregnancy and STD are down, but so is sex. Cigarette and drug usage is down, but screen time is way up. We don’t really have to suffer boredom any more, but I don’t see how creativity is sustainable without it. We’re making this very comfortable but vacuous future for ourselves”

“Not just the soul, what are the physical effects of sitting around all day looking at screens?”

“Good point, kids and teens “hanging around/out” doesn’t just result in crime, music and other creative outlets that could be misconstrued as mischief are results too. And left of field sports like skateboarding biking etc”

“Maybe I’m missing something, why is the birth control explanation ridiculous? It seems plausible to me children raised by parents who resent their existence may not have the healthiest upbringing.”

“So basically youth crime declined and they are just guessing? Typical “science” reporting.”

“Well, do you expect them to just make something up? It’s science, not religion. They gather data, develop one or more hypotheses, and set about trying to prove them.”

“The journalists were the ones speculating, not the scientists. That’s pretty irresponsible sincr there are people who won’t know the difference or just read the headline and assume the Netflix part is a fact”

“One common feature among kids who are in trouble is a lack of interest in anything available in their home or school lives. 20 years ago there was a movement toward creating activities and places for teenagers beyond just the usual malls, following the theory that boredom – more eloquently: a lack of identity-defining or engrossing activities – drives thrill-seeking and destructive behavior. Does the theory that youth crime arises from “nothing to do” still hold weight among researchers?”

“Anecdotal only. But I strongly believe that, I grew up in a town where we had a joke about how little there was to do as a kid. Your choices were: Get in trouble. Get pregnant/get someone pregnant. Do drugs. Lot of people I knew chose all 3 for a lack of literally anything else to do.”

“As someone living in the other South Wales, I can definitely attest that boredom led to some of our less than straight and narrow behaviour. Me and my friends would get stoned in the grounds of this abandoned factory local to us at 15. I remember stealing the fancy dust caps off cars when younger than that and “breaking into” my old primary school (just hopping the wall into the play area) and stuff like that. Nothing Criminal but probably the sort of things kids get into legal trouble over. I can also say, however, that we all had Xbox 360’s and later PCs that we were going home and playing together on afterwards. So, while i do think that a lack of activities will have made delinquent crime rise, I don’t think the internet is the reason that it has dropped. We never got into trouble with the police but we definitely could have if we weren’t as lucky.”

“My friends and I chose pot as an identity defining activity. I hope subsequent generations have a wider variety of options.”

“Young adults with a lot of free time is definitely still a measurable factor when it comes to crime committed by young adults. One of the first signs of this was the measurable decrease of crime during the hours that they are in school. As a result, some school districts tested out school sessions ending at a later time, most notably, around 5, when parents are off work. When crime was measured during this shift in school hours, there was an almost parallel shift in crime committed throughout the day. Young people who are bored not only tend to thrill seek, but they will also suffer from more hopelessness and overall low self worth. Self worth is just as equally a risk factor as thrill seeking is. When you look at countries that have opportunities for young adults such as trade schools, subsidized tuition, big employment market after college, or even efficient social safety nets that help people get into decently paying jobs, you also see a lower amounts of crime committed by youth and young adults. Reason being, they are more likely to see light at the end of the tunnel. Deterrence has a lot to do with it. While deterrence alone doesn’t work (i.e. USA), salient punishment does. Meaning, that if someone has more to lose, they are more likely to be swayed by the threat of punishment. Therefore, it follows that the earlier you give opportunities, the earlier threat of punishment will become more positively influential in the decision making process.”

“Internet is youth’s best friend in today’s modern era. But anything could have a negative effect if misused or overused.”

“The reduction in physical activity and exposure to the real world is probably harmful. Also, being bombarded constantly with terrible news from around the world, conspiracy theories, and the apparently amazing lives of everyone they know on facebook, exposure to social media bullies ect.. can not be healthy psychologically. Hasnt it been more or less established the kind of abstracted connection we have with people online has a dehumanizing effect? Similiar to sitting in a car in traffic you scream things at people you never normally would, like that the internet is basically an empathy destroying machine. To me its not clear which is better, this nightmare or crime.”

“The only reason it is harmful psychologically is the lack of ability to do anything about it. They feel helpless and trapped in that world. I’ve just learned to come to terms with the fact there is a lot of ugly shit happening and that will continue to happen in the world. I don’t see how the Internet is an empathy destroying machine. If you mean desensitizing then yes. Nothing surprises me anymore. That doesn’t mean I can’t feel anything for someone’s misfortune.”

“It turns into nightmarish realm when we misuse it. When we use it overly for fun, gossips, fill our minds with lots of negatively explosive ideas/things that we shouldn’t know at that time etc. become poisonous. I use the internet as a friend to learn, share, and discover.”

“I do work in prevention and I believe the biggest correlation between less youth sex, drug use, and other risky behavior in the last decade is screen time on phones, tablets, counsoles, and computers. It would be great news if there wasn’t also a strong correlation between all this screen time and depression, suicide, and a general lack of meaningful social connections. The crazy thing is someday in the future, if the data continues to lead us there, we may be having public service announcements reminding people to limit time on electronic devices.”

“You can still just do a sport once or twice a week and be fine. More worrying to me is the social skills in people that will really take a dent. People will start to suck (even more) at eye to eye contact. At least in my opinion.”

“Coincidentally, this youth-crime drop began soon after Australia’s 1996 law banning semi-automatic and automatic weapons, to which Australia’s drop in public mass shootings is often attributed.”

“I installed Need for Speed and Battlefield in my school’s computer lab. The next month the campus cop and vice principal came to my office and thanked me, as they’d seen a 40% reduction in lunchtime offenses by the kids. Granted it was a small school, but it was also a school for students with severe discipline issues. Threatening to cancel their game time was far more effective than putting them in the padded “time out” room, plus we got to talk about issues like bullying in a non-threatening, less-formal environment.”

“I wonder how many of them became cyber criminals and hackers.”

South Korean women swarmed the streets of Seoul to protest a ‘hidden cam’ porn industry.

More than 30,000 women, many of them hiding their faces under masks, marched in South Korean capital of Seoul, to protest a lack of response of law enforcement to men using “hidden camera” to spy on unsuspecting female victims in public bathrooms, buses, trains, libraries and in other public places. “Our lives are not your porn” Korean women even have to wear masks to cover their faces and watch for holes when going public restrooms. Spycams can be hidden in wall, and even inside toilet. It can happen anywhere: at public baths, gyms, swimming pools and lodging facilities.

Tech-savvy population in South Korea creates new bizarre porn genre known as “molka”. Molka can be hidden in cigarette packets, in water bottles, car keys, eye glasses! Women demand restriction of molka sale.



Comments and Opinions

“I think that is just disgusting, hidden cams are everywhere now. What really irks me is the videos that are in bathrooms. You really want to watch someone taking a dump?”

“There’s a fetish for everything.”

“Fucking internet greenhorns, I’ve seen a dude on the internet talk about microwaving a used diaper to sniff and masturbate with. I’ve seen a video of some dude swimming in a septic tank and drinking from it. Videos of people pooping is almost vanilla porn.”

“Upskirts are also baffling to me. I’m not turned on by a lack of consent, but let’s pretend it was consensual as a hypothetical; the picture you get will be grainy, poorly framed, it likely won’t show very much, the underwear probably won’t be sexy. It just doesn’t spell out “sexy” in any way for me. Now I don’t mean “porn grade upskirts” like those where it’s obviously posed for. I mean the “quick perverted snap up the skirt” types. I guess it really must be the lack of consent and thrill of breaking the rules that they’re getting turned on by.”

“A lot of fetishes are rooted in taboo. Getting to see the panties of a random, non-consenting woman is what gets them off, not the actual image. edit: spelling”

“I carry toothpaste around for personal reasons… it’s really good at filling small holes in walls btw. ”

“I had a Chinese coworker whose parents apparently owned and operated some nice hotels in China. He told that they have to go into all the bedrooms and bathrooms at least once a month with an infrared camera. Every time they go in they pull at least some cameras out. It is crazy to me. Their desire for something is so great they dehumanize a fellow person. ”

“I live in an apartment, and I have been paranoid about this since I found a camera (not hooked up to anything) in a “broken” light fixture in my old apartment. Any telltale signs of hidden cameras I should look out for? This new place is much nicer, and it might just be residual paranoia from the last place, but better safe than sorry, yeah? Lots of dirty things have been happening here lately, and I’d rather it not be on camera.”

“I was looking at Japanese porn on pornhub and came across upskirt cams of schoolgirls just walking and minding their business. Someone should seriously look into to it because I dont feel those girls are legal age. Not sure if reporting the vids did anything since I never followed up on them.”

“That happens constantly in Japan, sadly. It’s why their phones are forced to making a sound when taking a photo – can’t be turned off. Exactly because creeps constantly try to film and photo upskirt of women in the public.”

“Spycams have been an issue for years and years, almost ALWAYS perpetrated against women by men. It’s fair to protest that. If you think the problem here is angry women standing up for themselves and their right to privacy, and not rampant spycam footage of women uploaded every single day without punishment, then I’m not sure what to tell you.”

“Well then shit, maybe South Korea shouldn’t block access to porn sites. This is the type of shit that happens when you block access to free, unlimited porn. The popularization of porn has decimated sexual assault rates in the Western world. Given how conservative their culture is, they’d probably think porn would encourage this type of behavior.”

“I live in Korea and this is why all cellphones sold here have to make a noise you can’t turn off when snapping a photo…Edit: this regulation was made during the rise of the popularity of cell phones. It makes it seem like the government took action and makes people feel better. This was before smart phones.”

“In Japan at least, its not even phones that are sold in Japan, it seems to be triggered by the sim card. I brought my NA galaxy S5 with me on a trip, the phone doesn’t make the sound when on vibrate or silent. I was taking pics from the airport to the house we were staying at. The next day as soon as I popped in a Japanese sim card so I could use data, my camera started making the shutter sound whenever I’d take pics. It threw me at first, I kept thinking I had my volume turned up, bit nope it was on vibrate and still made the shutter sound.”

“I think I can confirm this. I have a Nexus 5X I bought and used with a carrier in Japan, and it always made the shutter sound. Moved to Canada and it no longer makes the sound with the volume down.”

“Wouldnt be surprising if they introduce automatic private bodyparts detection and pixellation.”

“Maybe the rampant pixelation of porn is why there is such a big problem with sneaky perv photos”

“Wow, is that by law? What about iPhones?”

“Yeah by law. iPhones too. It’s any phone sold in Korea. That’s why you’ll see slightly different models numbers for the same phones, for different countries particular laws and signal stuff”

“I was surprised to discover this thing when I moved to Japan from abroad months ago. I always set my Android phone to disable the shutter sound, but somehow it got automatically set on once I arrived in Tokyo. I’m guessing that it’s done through the network/location detection in the Android system in order to comply with the (local) law.”

“Same thing in Japan. I didn’t get why, originally, I thought it was super annoying it always made a sound – then I was told it’s because people keep taking upskirt photos of women in trains, markets, stuff like that, and the sound warns them that someone does it.”

Nanobots to kill off cancerous tumours is becoming reality

For the first time researchers successfully used microscopic nanometre-sized robots for cancerous tumours in mice. The researchers from US (Arizona State University) and China (Chinese Academy of Sciences) injected nanobots into the bloodstream of mice. The nanobots were made from a folded sheet of DNA. They injected them with bloodclotting drugs to cut off blood supply around cancerous tumours. The treatment was successful; it shrink the tumours and dramatically decreased their spread.


Comments and Opinions

“We laugh but cancer is getting fucked recently. The past 5 years have been incredible for oncology. Between checkpoint inhibitors, T-cell therapy, etc., many cancers that were simply death sentences 5 years ago can now be legitimately cured. It will be a while until all cancers and all patients benefit, but the cynicism in this thread is probably not warranted. Frankly, the real problem is science journalism. University press release offices and journalists are far too quick to hail something a breakthrough. The science and scientists are hurt by this.”

“Even when the press is acceptable though (this article, for example, never calls this a cure and actually discusses challenges and why it may take some time for it to go to clinical trials), people always complain about the “oh a new cure for cancer” bullshit. This is how science works. We need to hear about these little steps they’re making. It would be absolutely ridiculous if they just hid all this from the public and only made announcements when they’ve actually cured it.”

“You speak the truth. I don’t want cancer cure click-bait. I want real research results without making grandiose claims. The T-Cell therapy, which seems obvious in retrospect, has really been impressive in a number of documented cases.”

“There’s a cure every week but it’s still killing people and you’ll never hear of someone’s aunt or cousin getting the tumor eating nanorobots. They’re lucky to get the chemo that rarely saves you and literally might kill you before the cancer can.”

“Perhaps not oddly, this depends on where you live. It’s quite a normal thing in the big biotech hubs. First thing someone generally does in a place like Boston upon a cancer diagnosis is sign up for a clinical trial of something or other.”

“There will never be a universal cure for cancer. Most of these experimental treatments are not even affordable to the average person.”

“To be honest I get sick of hearing of all these cures that sound amazing yet we never hear another word about them. How about once a year someone follows up on them all and we get a report?”

“Cure cancer is similar to “fixing a car”. There are different approaches to combat many different problems.

This right here is a fantastic “new wrench” however. If anyone working on this is around these threads let me know if your interested in the magnetic directing of such things… The company I work for does such things though (en vitro).”

“That and humanity took tens of thousands of years to go from using the paintbrush for cave paintings to using it for School of Athens. We are in the greatest technological development period of human history, but with all of our recent advances, we may still be cavemen trying to generate a new painting that is far beyond our comprehension. Still, it would be nice to find out that we end up with fewer inoperable tumors with this tool.”

“I think that we are getting closer, but also keep in mind that there are many types of cancer, not just one, and that we will keep hearing more and more about cancer being cured as they discover cures for different ones.”

“We are getting close. Once we have a finalized blood test, catch early, then have target immune therapy and we are there. Then it’s just fine tuning and making these cheaper and more accessible. ”

“There was a Japanese sci-fi story a couple years ago about rogue industrial nanobots that mistakenly harvest the carbon out of human tissue rather than from the soil. *Edit: This was also coupled by the fact that these were nanobots used to convert the carbon in martian soil to make nanotubes prior to terraforming, and some martian precursor organism (i.e. prokaryotes, viruses) deep in the soil ingested the nanobots and altered their DNA programming.”

“There is a series of books by Lindsay Sands where nanobots developed to cure cancer and the like end up causing vampirism (the nanos are fueled by blood, so the infected people have to consume extra and the nanos keep repairing damage like aging, illness etc). :o”

“I had an idea of a future where 99.9% of people have ‘medibots’ inside them 24/7 to help with all processes and general health; then the world keeps getting worse and the inventors family is killed in a home brek-in. He goes crazy and gives up on humans, and programs them to alter pathways in the brain and chemicals/hormones in the blood to turn everyone into self-destructive zombies (hoping to wipe out humanity without the rest of the world). The main characters are some of the lucky few to not have medibots inside them when this happens, and try to find out what’s happening and if it’s reversible. I designed it to work as a coop zombie survival/ world exploration type game as well. Love nanotechnology.”

“I look forward to the day where these nano bots are widely adopted and working inside our bodies targeting diseases and illnesses.”

“Hey i got an idea just now. Use the nanobots to temporarily reactivate telomerase every 10 years, and kill any tumors that arise at that moment. What most people fail to understand is that once we cure cancer, we can cure aging as well, as part of the reason that people age is so that tumors have a hard time reproducing quickly with limited cell life”

“This will cause a massive dip in death rates. In the long run it can very well be bad. We’ll need more planets then.”

“It will definitely lead to a dip in death rates, but among the western countries birth rates are in decline. Japan (I know it’s not western) it’s a massive issue as their population is old and babies just aren’t being born in the numbers they once were. The baby boom is well and truly over. I imagine it has something to do with the fact more and more people have their heads in technology and not going out and socialising as much anymore.”

“What’s to say nanobots can’t fix the planet too? Redirect carbon, tend to vegetation, keep animals healthy and clean the oceans?”

“Calling these just robots/nanobots I think personally is misleading and somewhat of a stretch. For lack of a better term bioengineered bots is more clear of what we are dealing with here.”

“Realistically, how likely is this to become a common treatment for cancer? And if so, how far from now might that be? For years I’ve seen new methods of treating cancer being shared on reddit, yet none of them seem to ever make it to “mass market” when it comes to treatment. ”

“I urge anyone reading this to make yourself aware of the FACTS about immunotherapy and other ‘revolutionary’ cancer treatments BEFORE, god forbid, yourself or a loved one receives that horrible news. Once it happens you will be inundated with false info even from trusted relations. Mostly because of headlines like these. There is no ‘general use’ immunotherapy drug, they are all for VERY specific malignancies. Also, it is extremely unlikely that you will be selected for a clinical trial of these wonder drugs, mostly for that reason. Also, there is NO SOURCE FOR ANY OF THESE DRUGS OTHER THAN A CLINICAL TRIAL. Not overseas, or anywhere. If I can pass on any info at all it would be those two facts, but please do just an hour or two of homework. After the diagnosis it will be very difficult to be objective.”

“The article was pretty good until it ended with saying that since we’re starting to be able to build Nanobots… being able to shrink people down and enter the bloodstream of another person is closer to becoming a reality. It’s not. Not in any way shape or form. Being able to build smaller machines has nothing to do with being able to shrink matter down to the smaller size. They found a new design of Nanobots that does what they want it to. What the hell does that have to do with being able to shrink matter?”

“They made a bioconjugate that curls up in itself to protect the thrombin payload until it binds to a cellular target that releases the “latch” unrolling it. Calling that a robot is marketing.

I’m also extremely skeptical that it is non immunogenic, since the entire structure as a nucleotide is extremely immunogenic. Likewise nucleotides tend to have terrible exposure in circulation due to innate Immune responses with >95% clearance in under 24h. Maybe they’re just being coy and claiming that they found no active immunity because innate immunity completely cleared it before and active response could form.”

First domestic violence shelters custom-built to include pets

(NY) The nation’s first large domestic violence shelter that custom-built to allow victims to keep their pets with them in their apartments. The building will have an easy-to-clean floors and a grooming room, and will use a color palette toned for dog and cat eyes. The shelter is expected to open in October and house up to 100 people.


Comments and Opinions

“I used to work for a domestic violence and sexual assault crisis center with no accommodations for pets. Most victims with pets would not leave them home to come to shelter, because they feared the abuser would retaliate against the pets. Pet accommodations have long been recognized in the field as necessary in order to get help for victims.”

“Yes our local disaster relief shelters allow pets now for the same reason! They have a separate area for them so it’s not a bother to those with allergies, etc. It’s not about accommodating pets over humans, it’s that humans may reject help if it means abandoning their pets.”

“That just goes to show that the victims hold the love they get from their pets above their own safety. This reminds me of something that my dad said a long time ago, “no one will love you as much as a dog does” I thought that was relevant”

“My pets mean more to me than 99.999% of humanity. Not a chance i could just up and leave my cats behind. They are more family than most of my blood relatives.”

“I know exactly what you mean. I love my cats as family, sometimes even more I think, as bad as that may seem. It’s because there’s very little bullshit with the cats. They don’t try to deceive me, and their manipulations are limited to booping me in the morning to wake up and feed them. Otherwise it’s just pure love and companionship. I guess I’m just a weird crazy cat guy,and that’s fine with me.”

“The relief shelter after the Texas flooding was extremely accommodating for me and my family. We have a 9-foot Alligator named Grubs that they let accompany us in the shelter. We never taught him how to swim so we were worried the high waters would be the end of Grubs. He was great around everyone except dogs, cats, and children under 13. I’m so glad things have changed since the Katrina days.” — “Holy shit. Your comment history took me for a trip. I think the car-related stuff is the only stuff that’s not fake, lol.”

“I keep an emergency backpack in the closet by my front door with two changes of clothes, a portable battery charger, a couple water bottles, photocopies of important paperwork, etc. If I ever have to quickly leave my apartment for a natural disaster or fire or something, I can just grab it on the way out the door and have bare necessities. Once I got my dog, I also added a ziplock bag of dog food, some treats, a toy, and a spare leash and collar. If I ever have to evacuate, there’s exactly a 0% chance I’m doing it without my dog.”

“This makes me so sad. I also would not leave my dog behind in the hands of an abuser. I would rather be homeless, and of course that exposes you to new dangers. Glad that these DV shelters are starting to include pets!”

“My abusive ex beat my dog and put him to sleep when I finally got away so that concern is definitely valid.”

“The animal shelter I foster for has been working on a program to foster pets of those escaping abusive situations, to basically take in their pets for up to X months (I think like 6-9 months) and then allow them to take them back when they’re in a better living situation. I am so proud of them!”

“I was one of those women who couldn’t leave my pets with my abuser. I once tried and he told me stories of getting the puppy really drunk on southern comfort until she passed out. He ultimately held me at gunpoint. My fear the whole time during the incident was keeping my babies safe, then him and lastly me. Domestic violence messes with you to your core. It’s been since 2013 since I’ve had contact with him and since 2011 since the gunpoint incident. I’ve had years of therapy but i still suffer from ptsd night terrors. This article made me cry because even if it only saves one women it’s worth it. However I doubt it will be just one, it will save more hundreds to thousands. Thank goodness there are communities out there to help”

“I couldn’t agree more, abusers often take out their anger or revenge on pets.”

“Because of this, a lot of animal rescues and shelters now offer programs to care for pets of domestic violence victims. In DC, it is known as Safe Haven.”

“This happened to my family when my mom finally had the strength to leave my abusive father of over 20 years. We had a old chihuahua, churro, that we adored and my dad said he felt lonely being all alone at home so he asked to have churro for a couple nights. After two days he left the state after pulling a gun on my mom. When I called to pick up my dog he told me that he had wandered into his pitbulls cage and was attacked and killed. He claimed to have buried him under the porch, so I stayed there and destroyed the porch. I lifted up all the boards. There wasn’t anything there, no fresh dirt. I think he purposely killed my dog and threw him in the garbage. We miss churro everyday.”

“I’m surprised it wasn’t more common already. Victims already acknowledge they’re in a less than ideal situation, making it easier on people to just get out as emotionally interact as possible is the most important. I don’t think anyone is complaining about allowing pets, nor is the cost to have them significant. I get maybe allergies issues but those can usually be accommodated. However just not offering at all as the standard is surprising. It’s short term, not a homeless shelter…. Not a hotel either.”

“I work at the ONLY DV shelter in the states that offers a place for the resident’s animals (this includes exotics, reptiles, farm animals…) to stay that has staff trained to work with animals. This means that while the residents are working on getting their lives back together they don’t also have to worry about feeding, walking, and playing with their animals, we take care of it for them so they can focus on their life. It is a HUGE deal that this is happening. If a DV victim leaves their pets, there is an 85% chance of that pet being abused and/or killed. Most will not leave their pets behind and choose to stay with their abuser instead. It is absolutely crazy that more shelters do not offer this.” — “Hey, just curious, do the victims pay for that service or does the funding come from somewhere else?” — “Nope it is all totally free, not government funded and runs on donations and grants. Their pets stay also includes 100% of vet needs, including vaccines, spay/neuter (manditory), and untreated or undiagnosed issues even if the animals medical issues will cost thousands. Food and any other supplies are also provided. The pet part of the shelter is actually operated by the staff from a local no-kill cat and dog shelter (that I also work for) which pays for the medical bills and the owners can visit the animals at any time they please.”

“If the victim had to pay to go to a shelter there would be a lot more domestic violence victims who can’t afford to leave because the abuser controls all the finances.”

“I was in an abusive relationship. My piece of crap ex got angry because he found an email (unbeknownst to me he installed key stroke software on my computer and used to snoop through my emails) from a guy friend of mine expressing concern for me and advising me to get away from him, so in retaliation my ex opened the door and let my dog go. When I came home and found my dog missing, he was nonchalantly sitting there smiling about what he had done while I completely went into panic. I ran around my apartment complex screaming his name. I had this horrible visual image of him getting hit by a car running through my head. Thankfully he was fine. He’d been wandering around the woods next to my apartment complex and he came running to me covered in mud but uninjured. I realized that people who are capable of being abusive, actively seek to inflict suffering and pain and have very poor impulse control and will potentially harm pets. I’m so glad that shelters are now recognizing the need to board pets. A lot of victims do not have enough money to board them and are unable to find someone to take their pet in. ”

“I’m and musician and I go busking a lot. Over the years I’ve chatted to a lot of homeless people and beggars. A lot of these people have pets – usually dogs (though one guy has a very personable ferret). I’ve actually heard people accuse them of stealing the dogs just for sympathy. Absolutelly bollocks in most cases. Typical demonisation of the poor. Of all the beggars I’ve known, their pets are their world. Their comfort, emotional support and best friend. Their dogs eat before they do. In a lot of cases their pets are also the reason they’re homeless. People on welfare – most of whom have mental illness – can rarely afford Sydney rent so often they’ll end up in crappy boarding houses with cheap rooms. Almost none of these places allow pets. Tenants also have very few legal rights so they can quite literally be chucked out on the street if the owner finds out they have a pet. There are protections in place for the homeless. The government will put you in a shelter or even pay for you to stay in a hotel for a month while you find a place. But only one participating hotel in Sydney allows you to bring a pet. I’ve given several beggars the name of it. Sooner or later society is going to have to accept that our pets are family. They’re not property to dispose of. People will literally sleep on the streets to avoid having to part with them.”

“My PTSD Service Dog and I had to sleep in my car for a week in the middle of winter. Not because HE wasn’t allowed in the domestic violence shelter, it was because MEN aren’t allowed in domestic violence shelters. Pretty bad when animals are treated better than an entire class of victims. There are virtually no resources for male victims, and I was even told by police that if I had done the exact same thing as my abuser, I would have been charged with felonies. I can’t think of a more blatant violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment than a cop telling a male victim his abuser won’t be charged with certain crimes because of her gender. I couldn’t even get a restraining order against my abuser with a copy of her arrest warrant and medical documentation of injuries I sustained from her abuse.”

“We had this problem as well in the facility where I worked. We were absolutely blessed that local hotel owners worked with us to offer the same number of days of emergency shelter to men at their hotels as women were eligible for (30 days) at the facilities. To add to that, local taxi companies donated a certain number of free rides to victims every month. Most are leaving with absolutely nothing. I’m sorry about what happened to you. Awareness is an important concept. You bring up great points.”

“It really is terrible. Female abuse victim here, my heart and support goes out to you, and I will always use my voice to advocate for male abuse victims as much as my fellow female victims. Doesn’t matter who you are, or who your abuser was, everyone deserves safety from abuse.”

“I spent 4 months at a women and children’s shelter 4 years ago and during the time I was there there were 3 men that stayed as well. All 3 had children though, and I think that’s why they were allowed in. Having been both homeless and a victim of domestic violence I can say that the resources available for men vs women are appalling. Same with the resources for single women vs women with children. Basically if you need assistance of any kind from the government you better have a kid or it’s going to be a thousand times harder to get. That includes welfare, Medicaid, food stamps, housing assistance, anything at all.”

“In Colorado there is one shelter at least I know of that caters to men in your former situation. I completely agree with you. As a woman who was a victim, I felt lucky. It’s unfortunate that men aren’t treated with care when they really need it most! Women, men, same sex, opposite sex partners can all be abusers! We need resources for everyone seeking help!”

“Males who commit sex crimes get put in jail for years and on lists for near infinite reasons, some who deserve it, some who are only convicted because the world favors the women universally in sex crimes and in divorce / custody cases. Male teachers who abuse students usually rack up past 5 years. Women who commit sexual crimes are very often never charged, or charged ridiculously low. It doesn’t matter if the man was drugged she will still get far lower than a male for the same crime. There are so many horror stories at just my University about women raping men at parties who are too drunk to either know or fight back and even when those things are reported by multiple people the women got nothing in terms of punishment.”

“fuck how cases are handled at university. Girls can fuck over a guys life with an online report even if he didn’t do anything. It’s such bullshit that girls face no repercussions even when submitting blatantly false reports. Three girls tried to fuck over a guy I know and all submitted reports against him and all reports were found to be not guilty and the girls just walk away like nothing happened. It fucks over everyone, especially the girls who actually suffered and try to use the system.”

“There’s one men’s shelter in the UK, there used to be 3 but the government shut down the other 2 for not being gender neutral”

“Hold up does USA not have men shelters? Geez. In NZ, and my city has woman’s refuge, men’s refuge, women shelters, men’s shelters, kids shelters (for those that run away and don’t want to go back), city shelter. I don’t know what the policy is on pets and hope housing can include them i will ask when I go in (got some things to give away) but damn. Either you are ill informed or you better start hounding your city council for change.”

“To my knowledge there isn’t a men’s shelter within a thousand kilometre of me, but at least a half dozen women’s shelters I clung one less than fifteen minutes away. I a, glad to be in a relationship that feel more than safe in, but I can’t imagine how some ,enjoy must feel in this country. When that news broke I was heartbroken. My high school planning teacher explained that the reason that men don’t have shelters is because they can defend themselves. Sick of this garbage.”

“I’m so glad. This issue doesn’t seem so important when looking at the whole picture but as someone who works in a department dealing with victims/children of domestic violence, including trying to help them move to a shelter, having to leave their pets behind often stops them from leaving altogether and if they do go then we end up chasing cats around trying to get them into a travel cage etc and then either fostering them between us all or trying to place them somewhere where they can be returned to the owner after they have a permanent place to live. ”

“I volunteer at an animal rescue that will also board pets of domestic abuse victims for 3 months, free of charge. If they need more time, the rescue is very accommodating. It’s a concept that is new to me, but I’m so glad it exists. The staff members have helped coordinate with the victims to get everyone out of the situation safely. A fantastic group of people.”

“So as far as Domestic Violence Shelters go we have women > girls > pets > boys > men. That’s right, there are more pet-friendly shelters than ones for male victims of domestic violence even though there is an approximately similar amount of violence from women against men as vice-versa. ”

“This was one of the tactics my father used to use to get us back from the shelters we escaped to in the 80’s, he said he’d kill the dog then onto relatives and finally onto kill himself, mum did go back far too many times though.”

“There isn’t a male domestic abuse shelter in my entire state. They are called misappropriations of funding. But now shelters are being built from the ground up, at what is probably a greater cost. So people can take their dogs. I could be abused for years, and not have any help available to me. But pets are taking a priority. I can’t help but feel disappointed.”

“At the shelter I manage we have what is called “safe keeping”. People in emergency situations can bring their pets to our shelter and we will house them. We are near a women’s shelter and we get pets from them. It is walking distance so they can come visit and walk their pet. It is also for people that in the hospitable unexpectedly or their house burns down. It’s free. Sometimes it’s 2 days, sometimes 2 months. But it would be better for the pets to be with them.”

“This is so important. My dad was an abusive ass hat. He hit the dog. I was scared to leave him with my mom and dog so I stayed home until I was 21. When she left she had to rehome the cats and has struggled to keep the dog since but has managed. God willing. So many people stay for kids and pets. This is important.”

“There’s a lot of negativity in the comments here that is honestly breaking my heart. This is a good thing. This is objectively a good thing. Real humans who have refused aid and help out of fear for their pets being killed or abused by their abusers can now take a step to help themselves that they wouldn’t take otherwise. Helping pets is intrinsically about helping the victims; it’s not about placing animal life above human life. It is absolutely and completely true that there is a comparatively horrendous lack of resources for male victims of abuse (ranging from a societal apathy or outright mocking of victims, to an institutional problem in which shelters are simply not available in the same capacity), and I in NO way intend to dismiss the very real struggles faced by male victims of abuse. I don’t see these things as exclusive. I don’t mean to silence folks pleading for more resources for male victims, but I strongly feel that using that voice to criticize this step of progress is counterproductive. We should fight for shelters for ALL victims AND their pets because we KNOW that victims are far less likely to leave an abusive situation if they need to leave a pet behind. This step is good and wholesome. It’s important to call for more support for male victims. Both are true statements. I don’t think it’s productive to construct the two concerns as being in opposition to one another. Related, sure; but not opposing.”

Chinese gangs laundering drug money through Vancouver real estate

Criminal organized crime groups known as Triads control chemical factories in China. They are shipping narcotics, including fentanyl, to Vancouver Canada, laundering the drug sales money in British Columbia’s casinos and high-priced real estate, and transferring the funds back to Chinese factories to repeat the cycle. The Triads have infiltrated Canada’s economy so deeply that a new term for this innovative methods of drug trafficking and money laundering was created – the “Vancouver Model”.


Comments and Opinions

“Reverse Opium Wars type stuff! So they’re killing us with fentanyl and jacking up the rents…what do you know, the Chinese gangs are just as evil as every other gang in Canada. If only we enforced laws against organized crime here, but we don’t”

‘I mean it’s not like we are not enforcing the law. Money laundering in real estate is not a Vancouver problem, it is a real estate problem. For example, 30% of Manhattan real estate is purchased by foreign buyers. Of that, the census bureau statemate 30% of all apartments between 40th and 70th in Manhattan are empty 10 months a year. In 2016 the Treasury Department tracked foreign buyers in New York and Miami and found roughly 25% of all cash purchases of luxury apartment were suspicious. You would find the same story in any major city. Real estate is rampant with money laundering worldwide.”

“I mean it’s not like we are not enforcing the law.”

“What are you talking about and what are you basing it on? Is there evidence (beyond vague claims) that we are now prosecuting the suspected widespread money laundering and tax evasion?’

“To be more precise, I mean to say we are as instersted in prosucating money laundering in real estate as any other jusridiction in any other country be it America or the UK. Which is not very interested. My comment was directed at the commeent implaying America does a better job at proscuating money laundering in real estate then Cananada. There is a fair bit of evandecne to show that is not the case, some which I highlighted.”

“The reality is, only those with top secret security clearance know for sure, and I doubt any of us here fall within that group. My opinion is that there is more anecdotal and circumstantial evidence supporting the claim that the problem is larger in Canada than the US.”

“That is not the reality. There is lots of information on money laundering in New York real estate, and real estate in other American cities. If you just google money laundering New York you can find multiple articles from the Washington Post and other sources one of which I listed in my previous comment with studies by US treasury.”

“Statistically, particular neighborhoods with particular attributes (one being high levels of visible wealth) have markedly lower taxable income than comparable neighborhoods. Allegedly, anonymous front line CRA employees claim that CRA management explicitly did not allow audits of these specific people. In response to public complaints about this specific issue, the Canadian government promised to increase audit manpower so they could finally audit these people. CRA now recently claims significant unpaid taxes have been newly detected and penalties handed out, but they will not provide any details on whether this involved the above mentioned groups. There is an ongoing pattern of illogical and unnecessarily secretive behavior. Is something inappropriate going on? There’s no way of knowing for sure.”

“Would the US Treasury department qualify as an insider? The department’s own studies have found that 30% of high-end real estate deals in New York, LA and Miami were suspicious in nature and have been targeted for potential money laundering activity.”

“You are arguing different things. I don’t think anyone is arguing that money laundering does not exist in Vancouver real estate. You are claiming there is more money laundering in Vancouver real estate than other places, and specifically that Americans are better are prosecuting money laundering in real estate then we are. To which I replayed money laundering in real estate is a real estate problem and not Vancouver problem. Bottom line the reason why money laundering is prevalent in markets like Vancouver, New York or London is it’s easy, and the authorities are not interested n cracking down on it because it would adversely affect the real estate market because of how prevalent it is.”

“I’m interested in whether Canadian officials are enforcing the law.”

“You are claiming there is more money laundering in Vancouver real estate than other places, and specifically that Americans are better are prosecuting money laundering in real estate then we are.”

“No, my claim is that it appears that there is more evidence that non-prosecution is a larger portion of the whole in Canada. As I said, only insiders know the truth, I don’t see any reason why it should be a secret, so why don’t they come right out and say whether they are now auditing the group of geographically concentrated people with above average wealth and below average income.”

“The problem is that few people get prosecuted and less are actually punished. The USA has been more effective at going after Canadian criminals than Canada.”

“What are you talking about and what are you basing it on? New York and Miami are the money laundering capitals of the world and neither state has made it a priority to investigate money laundering in their respective real estate markets.”

“At the end of the day who doesn’t like the money coming in… just don’t bring the dirty laundry in with you too is the attitude here. Mo Money and Less Dirty Laundry.”

“Not just here. That is the attitude of almost every jurisdiction in every major city. The real estate market of cities such as New York, London, Miami etc are all propped up by money laundering. So much so that authorities in those jusridcations are not interested in investigating it for fear of tanking their respective real estate markets. Which was my point. This is not a uniquely Canada problem, and I was pushing back against the comments that suggest America or places are more vigilant and we are somehow more negligent in this area. It’s actually not the case.”

“A generation stuck in the clouds, both literally and metaphysically, for the same reason. Drugs that kill buy condos that consign debt ridden kids to tin cans in the sky. Canada has absolutely abandoned its young and minority cohorts and sold us out to the world’s highest bidders.”

“Pretty soon, the debt-ridden kids won’t even be able to afford the tin cans, either. I hope we can adapt to only needing six hours of sleep per night, because that’s all you’ll get after you work 9 hours and get home after a punishing 2hr-each-way commute. We politicize transit building in this country, so nothing ever gets done when election cycles take place multiple times in the timeframe it takes to build a major transit project. See the Eglinton West project in Toronto that actually had the hole for a station filled in after it was already dug out, the ongoing Scarborough subway saga, and the continual Smart Track debate for examples of this.”

“We’ll price everybody without Mom and Dad’s money out of the entire metro areas of Toronto and Vancouver, then complain when they start leaving rather than endure stop-and-go traffic for 130km each way daily because we haven’t delivered transit to the areas they were pushed out to. Did I mention gas is going to be $1.40/L or more probably forever?”

“Anyone who has lived more than a year in Vancouver knows this shit is the backbone of our economy!”

“It’s not the place I grew up in and not a place I really see a long term future in. Maybe, with some work, a decade from now it will be un-fucked. At this point I’m actively looking to move elsewhere in Canada. You know, some place that still feels like Canada. And that isn’t some comment have non-white immigrants or shit like that. Just someplace where egregious shows of wealth and corruption with an appreciable fraction of the population is trying to get in on the action in some semi-legal way isn’t the norm.”

“My wife and I are almost at our breaking point. We laugh/cry at the kind of shithole a million dollars will buy in this city. We missed the boat, and it may take a decade and ongoing (NDP) regulation to fix the problem.”

“The ongoing NDP regulation is definitely not going to fix the problem, because a lot of the cause of high housing prices IS regulation. Specifically, zoning bylaws, building fees and very stringent building codes have increased the price of Vancouver housing enormously. GVA remains a fairly low-density city in many areas, which makes no sense, unless you acknowledge that NIMBYs own city councils. The other side of the issue is high immigration rates, beyond the city’s ability to expand. For that, look to another branch of government – the feds.”

Is Canada looking to crack down on illegal immigration at its southern border?

Similar to USA working to secure its border with Mexico, Canada is also working to strengthen its own southern border. Canadian officials traveled to the U.S. this week to warn immigrants that they can’t cross the border into Canada to escape President Trump’s immigration policies. In the spike of illegal border crossings over the past year, Canadian representatives have been making visits to US including South Florida. They want to educate potential immigrants on Canada’s immigration policies. The would-be immigrants need to face a reality: only 8 percent of asylum applications have been approved and many of those left behind are already being deported.


Comments and Opinions

“Yep. Ontario has spoken. Trudeau is likely pretty shook.”

“I’m not sure that’s the issue. It’s more likely similar to AB, where they were tired of the same song and dance. Too many skeletons in the closet to elect the liberals again and the NDP just have a bad stigma in Ontario so the only real alternative was the Conservatives. I really think the Leftist Party (no actual Liberal Party in Canada right now) is in a bit of trouble with all their PC overzealousness, identity politics fiscal irresponsibility, loss of trade with the US (yeah I know Trump…) and poor border control response has really put off a very large amount of Canadians. I wonder if Federally they will lose official Party status in the next election if they lose.”

“Lol hahahaha…. now?! ”

“They have been talking and looking for a long time. Actions speak louder than words and so far I have seen f..k all besides paid trips that have accomplished nothing. I am all for real refugees that respect our laws people taking advantage of a loop hole should be immediately deported.”

“We need to build a wall” …”No wall. We just need to build fortifications, trenches, and string razor wire all over. Then patrol the area with searchlights and dogs.” .. “A drone army would probably suffice. Dispatch some enforcement to turn them around.” .. “A new Iron Curtain drawn across the 49th Parallel. ”

“PLEASE stop hate and racism”

“Stop looking, start doing.”

“Yep. We aren’t looking to crack down on it they just want to pretend they are.”

“Precisely. Trudeau is a full on globalist do not be fooled.”

“No, this looks to me like a response to the PC gov policy’s on illegal immigration, the problem is not that there’s too many people coming illigally, it’s that they’re getting ahead of the people who are applying legally, thereby ruining the efficiency of our globalist efforts.”

“Unfortunately no, because we screen whoever enters the country first, lines are getting longer and longer for legal migrants and it’s also hurting their chances on getting into the country at all. Canada too has to have some measures of security and that is why those who enter illegaly are processed first. I’m not gonna pretend like I know everything because I don’t want to misinform anyone, also I’m about to head out so I can’t send sources and do my own fact checking, so please don’t start taking all this in as fact, just as insight from a stranger on the internet. But I also suggest you read up on this yourself because it is a more complicated issue than many think.”

“I’ll believe it’s not in their ideological interests when they do something substantial to stop it, so far they have done everything in their power to encourage more and the only thing that seems to have give them any pause is the backlash against liberals in the recent election.”

“Actually everything about it is a problem. The fact the liberals can’t do their job of securing our border is a problem. The fact they aren’t apologizing for their past failure to secure our border is a problem.”

“Isn’t that racist according to liberals?”

“Hes’ a lying liar who lies. Trump is right.” … “Not a lie. They’re literally just looking. Not doing anything. Looking”

“i want an actual statement from our federal government saying so. they have been pushing the responsibility onto the provincial governments and showing no leadership whatsoever on the matter since day 1”

“Too little too late. PM socks and his invitation have not gone unheard by the world’s economic migrants.”

“Like I’m looking to stop smoking and start going to the gym.”

“Good. We should. For starters, get rid of any loopholes where crossing the border outside of a regulated border crossing is somehow more beneficial to those seeking asylum. Treat everyone the same. If they wouldn’t qualify for immigration or asylum then don’t allow them to stay.”

“When I was in high school, this dude Ronald tweeted his house parties were gonna be invite-only. He only invited tenth graders and up. Me and my ninth grade friends had nowhere to go. So I tweeted: To all those seeking inclusion, I will welcome you, regardless of what grade you’re in. Diversity is our strength. Then way too many people showed up at my house unannounced and I had to crack down. I wish I never made that tweet.”

“A little too late me thinks.”

“I was more worried about our northern border” …”Polar bears? On guard for thee; on guard for meat.”

“Put up a wall.”

Digital Drugs To Get You High

About a month ago, a scientist in the United Arab Emirates started making noise about banning something called “binaural beats,” which he referred to as “digital drugs.” These are audio tracks – calling them “music” would be a bit of a stretch – that you can buy online for $16.95 or less. Banning tones that purport to alter your state of mind sounded to me like an over-the-top, reactionary response to something that probably didn’t even work. But what if it did work? What if these tracks really got you high?

I decided I should give this stuff a try, so I downloaded five different MP3 “dose packs” from I-Doser, a supplier of the futuristic, mind-melding drugs who take themselves quite seriously. According to their website, they have “several teams of underground music and tonal experts, programmers, testers, researchers, and admins,” and “each audio track contains advanced binaural beats that will synchronize your brainwaves.” Whoa. There were a lot of different doses available – sexual doses, designer doses, sport doses, game enhancers, pure doses, and so on – so I had to be somewhat selective. I didn’t want anything that produced a calming sensation, since I could get that from a meditative flute piece on YouTube accompanied by a still shot of a waterfall. I wanted to trip out and feel closer to the big man upstairs. So I got the most advanced versions of the “recreational,” “prescription,” “fictional,” “sacred,” and “celestial” dose packs. Each contained four 15-minute-long audio tracks, and I tried out the most interesting sounding ones.

Prescription Simulations: Ambie

My options in the pack of prescription doses were Xanax, Ambie, Valim, and Klono. I went with Ambie, which is supposed to simulate the effect of Ambien. Now, I came into this thinking that these beats were all just a big pile of stupid, but I was determined to give it a shot. I sat on a chair in my bedroom and put my ear buds in, started the track, and closed my eyes. I was trying to force myself into a Zen state and let the beats take over my mind. The track began with a steady, mechanical hum that occasionally got interrupted by some kind of static. It later flowed into a soft and calming mystical tune, the soundtrack of a fairytale. I didn’t really feel anything for the first couple minutes, and I opened my eyes around four minutes into the session. They felt a little heavy, but I told myself it was psychological, a placebo. Then I realized, hey this stuff is sort of the real deal. My head started feeling heavy and gradually got heavier and heavier. By the end of the session my entire body was numbed and tingling. I started waving my arms around to prove to myself that these sensations were happening because I’d been sitting in the same position for 15 minutes with my eyes closed. It didn’t help, though. My brain was empty and five minutes later, I still felt completely sedated.

So I guess this stuff works.

Fictional Simulations: Bloodthistle

These fictional doses are supposed to synchronize your brainwaves to simulate doses from your favorite movies, books, and games. Whatever that means. I went with the Bloodthistle dose because it had a cool-sounding name – when I looked it up online, it turns out Bloodthistle is an herb in World of Warcraft that is supposed to increase “spell powers.” OK, that’s pretty cool, I guess. Like the Ambie track, there were quite a few hums and vibrations – but it was never calming. As if they were in the distance, I could hear thunder, bells, and running water. Listening to Bloodthistle made me feel like I was running after Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games – powerful, in control, a little evil. It wasn’t nearly as intense as the Ambie, though.

Celestial Simulations: Sleeping Angel

Sleeping Angel was a good way to bring me down. I sprawled out on my bed for this one because I felt it was appropriate to be in my natural sleeping habitat. Sleeping Angel was mostly white noise, static that changed its pitch gradually until it sounded like it was going in slow motion. An occasional intrusion into the static would pop up here and there – a soft dinging noise or whistle. To make a long story short, I experienced a few short lucid dreams – none of which I can remember in detail – and passed out well before the session was over. That was pretty unusual, since I had eight hours of sleep the night before, I never nap, and this was at 3 PM.

Really focusing on these tracks and trying to “feel” them is a lot more work than you would think. My brain started to feel like mush after three doses, so I took a break before I moved on to what I thought would be the most fun part: the recreational dose.

Recreation Doses: Amanita and Overdose

Nobody wants to trip on shrooms alone, so I had my friend come over and listen to Amanita with me. Unfortunately, as much as I was ready to trip, I didn’t. It sounded like a Caribou track with unexplainable vibrations in the background, which just ended up messing with my anxiety and making me feel like a 15-pound weight was sitting on my chest. Such a bummer.

Since I wasn’t satisfied with Amanita, I decided to give Overdose a shot. I went to the VICE office for this one, a much busier environment than my little bedroom, to see if setting played a role in how effective these beats were. By this point I have gathered that hums and vibrations are standard for these beats. But there was way too much going on here: tropical bird cries, running water, thunder, thuds, beeps, the sound of metal rubbing against metal. AHHHHHHH. I’ve never overdosed, or really even come close to overdosing, but listening to Overdose is what I imagine overdosing feels like. It scared me shitless and shot my anxiety through the roof. I kept thinking my body was rocking forward and backward even though I was sitting still. I still felt flustered and anxious ten minutes after the audio ended. Why would anyone listen to this for fun?

Sacred Simulations: Hand of God and Gates of Hades

According to I-Doser’s description, sacred doses are supposed to help you feel the Big Bang, angelic bliss, and hellfire. The tracks I had listened to so far gave me the impression that I was hypnotized, but Hand of God was… different. It started out very soothing and tasteful with a choir singing something vaguely hymn-like, but soon it brought in corny chants and devilish voices you might hear at a cheap amusement park’s haunted house. Blech.

On the other hand, I really loved Gates of Hades. I can’t really describe the actual noise of this track in a way that makes sense. Some seagulls in the background, soft dings, an occasional gong. Sometimes it would be solely static and white noise, which sounded and felt nearly identical to Sleeping Angel. It felt like a pretty good simulation of what would happen if your soul were to escape your body after you die. I felt like I was teetering between heaven and hell, but ultimately I was going to hell and OK with it. I started reflecting on my life choices and thinking about death, something I normally don’t dedicate any time to. I realized that I really don’t want to die, even if the Gates of Hades sounds warm and welcoming. Pretty heavy for just a bunch of noises. I see now why an uptight “police scientist” would want to ban these, but I also see why bored kids in the UAE are into them. Binaural beats aren’t quite as powerful and fun as real drugs, but they’re not a bad way to pass the time on a lazy weekend.

Social Media Says About Depression

Multiple researchers have discovered that the way people use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr correlates to symptoms of depression.

Researchers have long sought to understand how people with depression share their feelings on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr. Some hope to develop an algorithm that could spot the warning signals and provide a lifeline.

Brown University released a study concluding that young people are at higher risk of depression if they experience cyber-bullying or meanness online. Just last week, another study suggested a correlation between Instagram users’ filter choices and how miserable they feel about their lives.

Harvard University-trained data scientist Andrew Reece and University of Vermont professor Christopher Danforth sifted through 166 volunteers’ 43,950 Instagram photos. The scientists found that the more depressed the volunteer, the more likely they were to post photos in darker tones with more grays and blues instead of bright and colorful pictures with friends. Depressed Instagrammers were also less likely to use filters – but if they did, they opted for the black and white filter, Inkwell.

Other researchers have analyzed language on social media. Megan Moreno, a researcher at Children’s Hospital in Seattle, studies the ever-shifting words that self-harming communities use on Instagram. Of the 18 hashtags she has spotted – including seemingly innocuous words like #cat, #secretsociety123 and #blithe – only six generated a warning label on Instagram that redirected users to a site where they could seek help, according to her study.

“Big data approaches using text identification can be limited in that they typically need to have the right term and the right spelling, both of which are usually evolving over time as adolescents constantly refine and refresh their own slang,” Moreno tells Broadly.

For instance, when Instagram started including warnings for words like #selfharm, users added two extra m’s to the hashtag, her study found. Users may find comfort in sharing their pain, but Moreno’s research suggests they can struggle to leave a self-harming community once they’re known to other members. “Some teens can initially find self-harm communities supportive and welcoming, but then struggle with disengagement from that community when they are doing better,” Moreno says. “Evidence shows exposure to images of cutting can also promote destructive behaviors by presenting self-harm as a viable way to deal with stress or negative emotions.”

Some scientists want to harness the raw data of a phone’s sensors instead of analyzing melancholic social media posts to look for signs of mental illness. Location-tracking appears to be the most promising development. Stephen Schueller, a behavioral psychologist at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, told the Wall Street Journal that depressed people tend to travel more erratically around a city; doing so on future devices could trigger a pop-up asking if you need to get help. A Danish study recently analyzed the tone of voice as well as ambient noises recorded over microphone, finding that depressed people were more likely to have “slow, flat diction,” according to Wired.

The jury is still out on the larger question of whether social media is beneficial or harmful to depressed people. A Depression and Anxiety study found that the most active social media users were twice as likely to be depressed as the general public. As Vocativ points out, depressed people may gravitate towards social media more often than happy people.

The way people present symptoms of depression tends to vary according to platform. Anecdotally, it seems like users on Twitter may juxtapose the broadcasting of morose feeling with something more lighthearted. “You are not going to listen to sad music and be depressed this week,” one user posts, alongside a WikiHow illustration of a man pointing to himself in the mirror.

Twitter users, of course, often use the word “depressed” to describe a passing feeling or to add a little zest to a joke. Take Mira Gonzalez’s recent tweet: “ariana grande exercising during her performance is very disrespectful to all the depressed, out-of-shape people watching at home #VMAs.” Users seem post with more earnestness on Instagram. Hashtags like #cutting and #depressed are paired with black and white images. One user even repurposes a poem as a bio: “Roses are dead. Violets are dying. Outside I’m smiling. Inside I’m crying.”