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Dynamic Vision Glasses
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Dynamic Vision introduces the new Primary Strobe Sport Training Glasses, providing the user with an instant stroboscopic slow -motion effect.

The world fastest LCD shutter system patented technology provides you the opportunity to improve your dynamic vision, helping you achieve peak performance at sports, be you a weekend golfer or a professional athlete in an easy, hand-free fashion, whenever and wherever you wish.

Dynamic Vision and Sports Vision Enhancement Training

The eyewear features lenses that switch between transparent and opaque, producing stroboscopic visual conditions, much like a strobe light in your favorite dance club.

The strobe eyewear forces the wearer's visual system to train in difficult conditions in much the same way that wearing ankle weights makes training harder for a runner, he said. The eyewear's lenses alternated at different rates, always with a clear state for a tenth of a second, and various opaque states ranging in intervals from 67 milliseconds to nine-tenths of a second.

Sport training with Dynamic Vision simply makes the task much more difficult due to the cyclic closing time by LCD lenses and by removing Dynamic Vision, then makes the task much easier.

This stroboscopic effect helps users to better follow a ball's rotation or orbit, for example. But this is just one part of the actual and potential advantages of this device.


Dynamic Vision Strobe Glasses can be applied to any kind of sport requiring dynamic vision or sports vision, typically Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Football, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, Table Tennis, Basket Ball, Clay Shooting... or even Golf.

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