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Dynamic Vision Glasses
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Using Your Dynamic Vision Primary Strobe Glasses

Initial use of our Strobe Glasses makes the task much more difficult due to the cyclic closing time of the LCD shutter. After later removing the glasses and once more operating under regular conditions, you will find the task to be much easier, your dynamic vision having been improved by the training with the glasses.

Our glasses have widespread applicability and can be used in most sports, such as

For Golf

  1. Swing check-up
    To check the orbit of your own swing.
    To see if your swing is outside-in or inside-out.
  2. Club face check-up
    To check your club face at the time of impact.
    To see if your club face is too open or too closed.
  3. Impact position check-up
    To check if you hit the ball at the right position of the club face.
    To see if you hit the ball at the wrong places like edge side or shaft side.
  4. To check the other players' swing as well.
  5. To see the ball more clearly, enabling you to better check the putt line.

Baseball / Softball

Our glasses can be used as part of a daily training in Baseball, Softball, or Cricket as demonstrated below.

  1. To better see a ball's rotation or orbit so that the batter can make a quicker judgment about the path of the ball he hopes to hit.
  2. To hit the ball properly and at the same time to check the batting impact.
  3. To improve the basic batting skills by adding additional load onto the batter's vision through use of our glasses. After removing them, batting training becomes much easier and efficient than previously.

For Industrial/Inspection purposes

Our glasses can be used not only for sport vision enhancement but also for the industrial purposes or inspection as well.

In comparison to the normal stroboscope with flash lamp, the duty adjustment provides you with a more precise setting.

Portability and the hand-free features afford yet other advantages as normal stroboscopes are usually either fixed or hand-held.

Their sole disadvantage is that they require a bright context as there is no flash lamp in its system. Employing them in a dark place is not recommended.

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